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10 Life hacks for Traveling with Kids

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Going on vacation with kids is never easy, but with some good planning, each vacation can be less trouble, and more enjoyable.

We are traveling very often, sometimes, a couple times a month. This leads to learn from mistakes and create some “rules” for future travel. Below are some helpful and important tips, or “life hacks” on traveling with you children: 

1) Stay organized

  • Starting from packing the clothing and other stuff, put all items neatly, in separate bags. This will help you find everything easily, later. When arrived at the destination- same thing- I always arrange our clothes in the cupboard of the hotel room. It makes so easier later, to dress myself and the kids, because I know exactly where are the dresses, and there are the socks. Some examples are here.

2) Backpacks

  • Using of backpack will definitely ease your trip. Use one for yourself, but most important- pack one for each of your kids. I put there their favorite toys ( just small ones), some wipes, napkins, and snacks. This way, when my kids ask for something, I don’t have to open my luggage to get it. Backpacks are also easy to carry, because your hands are not full, so you can eat, text, or hold your child. You may purchase them on Amazon, or Walmart, Target, Justice and many other stores.

3) Google the place

  • Before heading to New York, Las Vegas, LA or Miami (or a ton of other beautiful places on the Earth), Google the specific city you are traveling to. Check for "Must see" and "Most Visited Attractions". I also search for "Kids Friendly places to visit in ...", and "Things to do in ...". This way, you can know the place better and what to expect. Also, you can make some plans and appointments. This is a very powerful tip and can make your traveling experience unforgettable.

4) Snack-Pack

  • Traveling with kids may be tough, but nothing compares to traveling with HUNGRY kids! Don't risk it, better be prepared. Grab some inexpensive containers from Dollar Stores for food and snacks to avoid mess. Fill them with non-perishable food (that last longer and/or do not alter), like: RAISINS, Coconut Flakes, Dried Fruits and Crackers. Some other great snacks to consider while traveling:

Cheese or peanut butter crackers

Beef jerky



Fruit cups

Granola bars

Cereal bars

Tomato juice

Packaged nutsTrail

mixFruit snacks

Peanut butter

Canned vegetables and fruit (with pull top openings)

Individually packaged chips/pretzels/Goldfish

Boxed drinks and juices

5) Phone Number Bracelet

  • In case you are traveling to crowded places, like Disney, it is a great idea to create some bracelet for the kids, with your phone number, in case they get lost. You may use beads from Dollar Stores, Walmart, Target, Party City or Amazon to create beautiful and helpful accessories. If you child get lost in the crowd, other travelers, employees or security will find you quicker.

  • Another useful idea is to create ID Cards for you kids, including your Child's Name, age and Picture, as well as your phone number. These ID Cards may be attached to kids' Backpack, belt, or used as a badge.

6) Medicine

  • I call it: "BE PREPARED". Hopefully, you won't need them, but I suggest you always carry the following items with you, especially when traveling:

  1. Tylenol - for teeth pain, headaches, cold and fewer, and many more

  2. Neosporin - First Aid antibiotic/pain relieve - for scratches, bites and more

  3. Diaper Rash Cream - not only for NEWBORNS! I use it for my toddlers, when they have a rash. On vacations it may happen more often, because of the pool water, hot weather and different type of water and soap.

  4. Band-Aids - for reasons, and no reason, my kids love using those :)

  5. Cortizone - for SUN BURNS and, Itch, insect bites and many more. If you are going to the warm weather place, you'll definitely need this one. I personally used one last weekend, in Miami, on my Red, Sun-Burned shoulders.

  6. Allergy-medicine -if any in your family, don't forget the medicine for it. Thanks God, we don't have any allergies for now.

P.S. consult your family doctor for special recommendations and needs of your family.

7) Lavender Oil

  • It is well-known for it versatility, also called "all-purpose Oil" and "mood enhancing" - Lavender Oil - has many benefits. It can be used as an antiseptic for CUTS, BURNS, PAIN. Lavender Oil can prevent infections and promote healing with no SCARS. It works as anti-depressant, and the most important- brings on restful sleep. Use it as room deodorizer too. For kids, Lavender Oil helps calming overstimulated babies. So, overall, this is a great, must-have oil in the house, and while traveling WITH KIDS.

8) Non-Tech Toys

  • I don't give gadget to my kids, at home, or while traveling but, it is up to every Mom to decide on it. Anyway, better be prepared for "No-battery" or "No-WIFI" situation, and have some Non-Tech Toys in your kids' backpacks. Also, for situations like broken screen or lost tablet it is very useful to have some Non-Tech toys handy. I use IQ toys from Amazon (they can be purchased at any Walgreens, too). Some example of toys that will keep your Child busy for a while are: Coloring Books and Crayons, Puzzle, Lego, IQ Toy (brand), Learning Cards, Small Books, Sticker Books and many more.

9) Grocery Stores

  • As you may know already, in the Hotel Rooms everything is double or triple-expensive. While kids don't always understand that, they might want to open some snacks, water or candy from the "bar". To void paying more, PLAN IT, and go the nearest grocery store, once arrived and checked in. I usually go to Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy and buy some FIJI water, snacks, FRUITS- I love fruits, and maybe Yogurt, or Cereals for breakfast, if there is a Fridge in the room. That way, in the morning, when My kids wake up, they start their "breakfast" without waking me up.

  • One more tip: Instead of carrying the SPF lotions and water toys from home and pay for the extra baggage, purchase those at the destination, again, from local grocery stores.

10) Stain Remover Pen

  • This is a "Must-Have" item in my purse, not only when traveling. I use "Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover" for myself, and for my kids, but there are many more brands on the market, just ask for "instant stain remover pen". It takes of everything from your clothes, instantly. Take a couple of those in your bag for your family travel (one last for about a month, for me).

Thanks for reading these tips, and I hope you'll apply at least some of them. If you have other tips and life-hacks to share, please comment below. Love you, Mommies of the World!

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