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Toys R Us Adventure Chicago

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Toys R Us famous stores are closed, but the Brand comes back with a new concept- an adventure store for kids! After so many advertising online (especially on Instagram) we also have purchased tickets to visit this new exhibit. Tickets are reasonable priced - $28 for adults and $20 for children (ages 4-12); Kids 3 and under are FREE. The tickets may be purchased online- at which will redirect you to The “adventure“ is located in the heart of Chicago- the Magnificent Mile, on Michigan Avenue (Address: 830 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611), and their hours of operation are: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8.30pmSunday: 11am - 8.30pm.

First, we entered the building (from the Michigan Ave), and waited for our group to be called in. Next, we saw a train 🚂 with a few wagons, and another door opened to the next room- a train ride simulation, where kids could have a hands-on activity and help the train “move”.

Next, kids are offered to grab Chocolate 🍫 candies, and other doors open for the actual adventure to begin- a playground with a slide, giant pizza 🍕 that kids can customize, a cool strawberry 🍓 swing, big cleaning tools, and more!

From this first adventure room we got into the second one- the zip liner for kids and the Pet Patrol theme room. There- children can enjoy a slide and a giant car 🚗.

Then, moving to a level down, to the “Windy Room”, where we have built a house out of gym mats. Then, a powerful wind started. We had to put special glasses on, and watched how the wind blew our house down!

Second adventure room on this level was the “Club/Dancing room”, with a small prison with Robin Hood Top Cat.

From there, we moved next to another room- with ”ugly balls” cartoon, that gets balls into his mouth and then push them back with pressure! There are also giant and cute, hanging bananas that we punched.

And next, one of my favorite- Jungle Adventure room, with a slide for kids, a Jeep car 🚗 to take pictures in, a giant dinosaur and a Gorila. I loved this room! So colorful and realistic!

From that room, we moved to the next one- a winter ❄️ experience, with paper snow, and “frozen” atmosphere.

That room takes you to Toys R Us shop, were you may find gifts, toys and treats. From there, on the most down level, we went to the third- upper level for the most important adventure!

Located on the third floor, over a million and a half of red and white plastic balls are waiting for you to jump in! 🔴⚪️ It is a huge ”pool” of balls, where both, kids and adults may jump and enjoy! The pictures taken there are awesome: So many artistic possibilities for catching a great shot.

And that is the last stop at Toys R Us Adventure in Chicago. From there, you take the escalator down to the middle floor, and exit to the Pearson Street.

Overall, the experience in fun and beautiful, especially for kids. I would recommend this place as a indoor playground. Please feel free to comment with any question, suggestions and/or edits- I will be glad to help!

Important details: 

Guests under 18 years old must be accompanied by a legal guardian.Please purchase tickets in advance as tickets are not available at the door.All tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and absolutely cannot be resold.Tickets purchased on unauthorized third party websites or through scalpers will not be honored.

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