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C-Section Hospital Bag Checklist - What to Pack

Updated: May 17, 2020

Hi Mom!

I, like you, was reading many articles on Google about hospital bag packing, especially for C-section delivery. Let me tell you one thing: I haven't used any of them. Instead, I felt the need for something else while at the hospital. That's why I am sharing with you my personal Post-Delivery list of items that I really needed after my 3dd C-section. Unfortunately, I didn't think a lot about this before, so I didn't have most of these item with me. I hope you will be more prepared, and look more beautiful after you meet your baby! The good thing is that my list is not big, and the most important - don't worry, even if you won't have any of these on you- the Hospital will provide you with everything that you may need. So, from my personal experience- here are the only items that I really needed:

1) Lip balm - a good one! - My lips were permanently dry, because of the anesthesia and all the medicine 🤷🏼‍♀️Pick you favorite brand, or the best by reviews, but you need a really good and hydrating lip balm 💋I like this the most: EOS Lip Balm.

2) Sleepers - Hospital will provide you with non-slippery socks, but you lay in bed with them and then walking on the floor, and laying back on clean sheets is not very sanitary.. Grab a pair of cozy sleepers - not fancy, just something that you can easily put on and take off. I grabbed some Plush Unicorn Slippers, and I HAVEN"T WORN them at all, because my swollen feet and thick socks would not fit in them. So, grab something easy-on/easy-out - like THIS.

3) A robe 👘- Again, hospital gives you a robe, but it's not really cute or nice. I thought I will wear my clothes, so I brought some of my cozy pajamas. BUT, NO! I haven't worn my pajama at all, because I need to breastfeed and it doesn't open quickly. Then doctors and nurses check you every few hours, and it's not comfy wearing normal clothes or even loose t-shirts. The best think - something similar to the hospital robe- it is comfy, can be taken of easily, and doesn't require you standing to wear it. I found beautiful matching robe and baby wraps on Amazon 👇👇👇 but i found it too late! All my guest saw me in my ugly hospital robe. Don't repeat my mistake, get prepared and you'll look beautifully after C-Section! Beautiful Matching Robes for Mommy and Baby - HERE.

4) High waisted panties - Your regular -before the c-section panties- will not be comfy anymore! You may forget about them for a few weeks or months. You need something high-waisted, and that won't bother your C-section. I found these ones very useful: Colorful Panties, or Black Panties

5) Super big pads - Hospital will provide you pads- very big and very ugly. Again, I thought iI am prepared and I brought some pads to the hospital, but GUESS WHAT??? They were regular size and it was not enough!. Grab the biggest ones for after delivery - there is more blood than a regular period! Some well-known brands for pads will feel more comfy than the hospital's ones- like THESE ones.

6) Nursery Bra- there are lots of nursing bra, but finding one that doesn't bother both you and your baby- is a challenge. For example, at night time, when you are sleepy and baby is hungry- if you bra is not comfortable enough and doesn't

open easily, you both may go through stress. Check these bras that I feel offer best comfort and easiness.

7) Long Cord Charger - You'll definitely need a charge for your phone, while in the hospital, but the key point is to grab a long-cord charger, because you'll be laying in bed, and the outlet may be a few feet from your bed. You can buy one HERE.

8) Chocolates/Small gifts - I failed this one when I was in the hospital after my C-Section, but I am strongly suggesting preparing some small gifts like chocolates, or cards, or flowers for the nurses that will take care of you. They are doing such a hard job: they are changing your "diaper", they hold you, help help you sit, stand and walk, they pick you up, they help you lay down, they stay next to you and hold you while you urinate!!! (sorry for all this details, but this is the naked truth). Not even my mom, my husband, or my other relatives/friends ever helped me with something similar. I am bringing this up to explain the importance of saying "thank you" to these nurses who are there to help you.

Beautiful Cosmetic Bag, Water Bottle with a special message, 101 Blessing Cards, Gift Bags and many more!

9) Infant Car Seat - Last, but the MOST important - You will definitely need an infant carseat! You won't be able to take your baby home without a car seat. A nurse will make sure you know how to secure your baby in the car seat, and that you know how to tight it, so the baby is safe. For after C-section delivery, this year, I have finally found a convertible Car-Seat /Stroller by Doona. This new idea of a 2-in-1 carseat and stroller is absolutely amazing. Before, with my first two kids, I had to carry heavy car seats from the car to the daycare. Now, I remove the car seat from the car, put it on the ground, and IN ONE CLICK- convert it into a stroller! Here is the link - It is expensive, but you don't have to buy two pieces!

9) New Born Take-Home Outfit - During your stay you probably won't need many clothes. The hospital provides with a few t-shirts and a hat and baby blankets. But you will need a cute outfit for hospital photoshoot. On the second day after delivery you will probably have a photographer visiting you and offering baby and mom-baby pictures taken. It is a great opportunity to capture these moments, and the pricing is around $200 for lots of digitals pictures (about 10 processed pics) and one print, and a slideshow video maybe. I strongly suggest getting this pictures taken because you may use it for birthday announcements and invitations, or send them to grandparents, but, of course, if you budget permits. Otherwise- it is not a necessity. Anyway though, you will need at a least one body to take your baby home in. I also suggest getting 2 sizes, just in case you baby is born tiny, normal weight or big. Here is a beautiful outfit for boys , or a Classy unisex white outfit.

10) PostPartum Belly Wrap - I suggest using the belly wrap right after leaving the hospital. This will help help you walk easier, stay straighter, fill "tighter" and the most important - will make your tummy look better. I haven't used much the belt after my second C-section, and, as a result, it took me much longer to recover and to have a flat stomach. Wear a belt every day, even if it uncomfy at first, you'll get used to it. Here are some links to my favorite Waist Belts: Simple one and the Black .

Bonus tips:

A friend of mine has delivered a baby girl recently, and advised that she really needed a Sleeping Mask for naps during the day time.

Also, she mentioned that the food in the hospital wasn’t good, and she needed more snacks.

And as a THANK YOU for reading this article, I'll give you two more tips for Postpartum C-Section:

How to treat your C-section incision?

- My doctor told me - you may shower the next days after C-section, but don't use any soap, or any lotions. After your first visit with the doctor- usually 1 week postpartum, ask when can you start using lotions. Usually, around week 3 postpartum, if your incision looks healthy and healed, you may start using lotions and all kinds of products for scars. My best recommendation: 1. Coconut Oil, 2. Scar Patches. The expensive brands or creams will have same effect. No need to spend crazy money. I used the coconut oil during the pregnancy, to prevent stretch marks on breast, belly and legs, and also continue to use it now. It is absorbing greatly and the effect is very good - and it is affordable!

Exercises for post C-section:

- Every C-section is different and every body heals differently. Even same person may experience different stages after each C-section. With my 3rd C-Section the incision healed very quickly, and I was feeling very well in less then one month. So I have started practicing Vacuum Exercises and some easy exercises, like squats. But, generally, it is recommended to start exercising after two-months post C-section.

Some say, a healthy woman with no complications can generally start running, swimming and doing yoga six weeks after surgery. Others, however, believe that to ensure the health of pelvic floor, it's better to wait a full three months. Anyway, even if you feel good and energetic to start soon, don't take it too harsh. It should be light exercises, that don't make you any discomfort. Walking, aerobics, and yoga, are type of exercises which are more suitable and can be done after a C-section. Any activity or exercise which puts strain on the abdominal muscles should be avoided. If you want to read more about Post Cesarian Section exercises - press HERE.

Thank you for reading this article. Please comment below any suggestions, or if I missed something (I sure did because everyone's experience is unique). I wish you an easy delivery and quick recovery, but most important- a healthy baby! Stay safe. XOXO.

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